Point Blank - Mikser at Belef

  • Title: Point Blank - Mikser at Belef
  • Author: Dušica Dražić
  • Date: 25.05-24.06.
  • Tags: architecture, performance, urbanism, visual arts, workshop

The exhibition "Point Blank" examines how an artistic practice can be shaped and influenced by an environment, but at the same time observes how the environment responds to newly produced circumstances.

In the absence of information (or interest) we perceive the Belgrade Cooperative building as “a building in passing”. It has become a metaphor of our relationship not only towards the material/formal values, but also towards the legacy and investments made by society or individuals.

The exhibition “Point Blank” is the result of a direct provocation of the building itself. The name of the exhibition refers to two possible interpretations of this space – on one hand it is a building whose purpose, and therefore its meaning has changed during each historical revolution. By the accumulation of different historical layers, its original meaning has disappeared and its practical value has become unclear. Its vague history has now turned it into a combination of a Judicial Academy on the ground floor and a totally dysfunctional, neglected and endangered remaining space of the building, in the invisible presence of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments.

19 artists from Serbia and abroad are invited to implement their works in the Belgrade Cooperative building. By the artistic interventions in space, the visibility of the building changes. The environment of the building itself, and its form and purpose are questioned. The art works are not focused on the production of material value, but come into a direct dialog with the Belgrade Cooperative building itself and make the invisible policies and invisible spaces become available.


Artists: Alex Baker (UK) • Alfredo Barsuglia (AT) • David Claerbout (BE) • Zorica Čolić (RS) • Siniša Ilić (RS) • Vanessa Mayoraz (CH) • N55 (DK) • Aernoudt Jacobs (BE) • Michael Johansson (SE) • Wim Janssen (BE) • Irena Kelečević (RS) • Korinna Lindinger (AT) • Goran Micevski (RS) • Ivan Petrović (RS) • Mark Shepard (USA) • Boba Mirjana Stojadinović (RS) • Anna Szwajgier and Zorka Wollny (PL) • Gosie Vervloessem (BE)


Photo: "Sunrise", David Claerbout / Courtesy of the artist and galleries Micheline Szwajcer, Yvon Lambert, Hauser & Wirth